Three Unique Ways to Get Leads Online

January 15th, 2019

Written by Kayla Klein, account executive, Moxie + Mettle

Remember when you were in high school and generating business leads was as simple as advertising your babysitting or lawn mowing business on the community bulletin board? In the digital age, execution is a little more complicated, but the concept behind marketing to increase brand visibility remains the same. Having a well-designed website and consistent posting schedule on social media is step number one, but maintaining “well-enough” isn’t going to expose your brand to a new audience, push skeptics over the edge or create an exceptional customer experience. These three creative strategies can help your business generate leads online using resources you already have.

  1. Employ Influencer Marketing

Influencer relations can generate 11 times the ROI of traditional, outbound marketing, according to a Nielsen Catalina Solutions study. However, it’s more than sending a product to someone with a big following and hoping they post. The first step to a successful influencer relations strategy is identifying target audience personas to help define influencers with the best audience for your brand. For instance, if your brand’s dominant target audience is comprised of women ages 34-45, you’d need to find influencers hitting the same demographic. When you reach out to influencers to engage in a partnership, you must offer them something in return for their time to create the social media or blog post. If your brand is not equipped to financially compensate influencers, offering a product exchange, admittance to an event, discount codes for their followers or sharing their post on your channels are viable substitutes.

  1. Host a Giveaway

People like free things, especially when earning them is nearly effortless. Hosting a social media giveaway for a free product or discount exposes your brand to a myriad of potential new customers, if you set strategic requirements for entry. To be eligible to win, entrants should have to follow your brand on social media and perhaps tag a few friends in the comments, increasing your following and audience. If your social channels aren’t influential enough to make a giveaway impactful, consider partnering with another brand or asking influencers to host the giveaway on their platforms.

  1. Celebrate Your Current Customers

Often, brands spend so much time soliciting new business leads, they overlook customer retention. Showing customers that you appreciate their business with a social media or blog shout-out fosters a deeper relationship between them and your brand, meaning they’re more likely to return to your business over a competitor’s. Additionally, creating an online community shows potential new customers that your brand values their time and investment.

Employing existing resources to generate new leads online is efficient and budget-conscious. Influencer relations, giveaways and social media shout-outs offer customers something in exchange for their business and your brand exposure to their audience. When thinking about new business, you have to consider what’s most appealing to your target audience: clicking an online ad or winning a free product? Make marketing work for you.